Xiaobu Yan tea

Xiaobu Yan tea
Xiaobu Yan tea

Xiaobu Yan tea (小布岩茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Jiangxi. Quality characteristics of Xiaobu Yan tea:
Shape: curly as eyebrows
Color: pekoe revealed, tips is beautiful
Soup color: yellow green bright
Aroma: tender flavour lasting, accompanied by fragrant orchids
Taste: mellow fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: green and evenly

Xiaobu Yan tea produced in Xiaobu town of Ningdu Country, Jiangxi Province. Tea region has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Fresh leaves of Xiaobu Yan tea, usually picked in early March (before and after Jingzhe), its main product is a tribute-class standards in early bud development, the total length of shoots 3 to 3.5 cm. Xiaobu Yan tea processing technology into fixing, first rub, fried two blue, re-rub, early management of dry, spread cool, put eight cents and drying processes.

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