Yandang Mao Feng tea

Yandang Mao Feng tea is green tea, also known as “The Yandang clouds”, formerly known as “Yan Ming”, Yanshan one of five Jane. Yandang Mao Feng tea long form show tight end, delicate quality of tea, the color green, bud cents hidden. Liquor color light green clean, elegant aroma, taste glycol, Securinega tender absorbed into flowers, have a drink plus “three heard,” said.Fragrant smell a smell, then smell the aroma of sweet, three lingering smell the fragrance; rich taste first bubble, two bubbles alcohol cool, still touching the three bubble tea rhyme.
Yandang Mao Feng tea is grown in the territory of the Hill, Yueqing, Zhejiang, where the landscape Qixiu, days open drawings, one of China’s famous mountains. Hill High, rain and more cold air, thick fog. The famous tea-producing areas are in the scenic area, there ryongchu back, fighting cricket hole and Yan Hu Gang, etc., are located in more than 800 meters above sea level, humid climate, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing.
Mao Feng tea processing Yandang has three characteristics: First, pay attention to fresh ingredients; Second, fine processing; third suitably preserved as tea store.
Yandang Mao Feng tea plucking process: picking fresh leaves, fixing, rolling, drying billet, bar manager mentioned cents, baking.
Picking: The Yandang Mao Feng tea picking requires delicate uniform to a bud or leaf buds of the early development of a standard, non-mining pests leaves, rain leaves, purple shoots.Leaves collected back immediately after the plaque or thin strips of bamboo spread the toss, the time of 5 to 8 hours and lay it at the same time the fish leaves than sorting, single, damage shoots and other impurities.
Fixing: The Yandang pan fixing by Mao Feng tea, the pot temperature at 180 ℃, the amount of investment and leaves around 0.6kg. Combined operations with one hand and hands, the first shoots are hot shaking Scoop sense of distribution of water vapor into boring as soon kill, boring through the shake immediately after frying, and accompanied by a fan to disperse the vapor. Gestures during the operation to light, tea should be dragged up the net, shaking absorbed, bored to death at one time. Fixing level of the leaf color darkens, leaves soft, green grass gas distribution business, the fragrance reveals as appropriate.
Rolled: Yandang fixing Mao Feng tea leaves placed in a bamboo stand cool plaque in the rolling, rolling finishing before the first leaf will crank up neatly, so as not to bend the cable rubbing.Rolled by hand Tuirou method, forced to be uniform, the entire process to combine light weight, the middle solution for 1 to 2 blocks, rubbing to more than 97% of the tea into a bar, you can spill a little tea.
Bake blank: Yandang Mao Feng tea leaves to shake loose rolled immediately after the cage on the baking oven, the temperature controlled at 100 ~ 150 ℃, time of 8 to 10 minutes, turning twice the middle mix, bake and do not bond to the tea bar, hand shape into groups, the immediate moderate shaking.
Article provided reasonable cents: The drying process of tea stalls billet cool bar manager after softening to mention dollars, pot temperature 80 ℃, after the first push fried tea pot, tea, though difficult to grip into the group, but there is still flexibility transferred tomanagement section, when the pot temperature dropped to about 60 ℃. Article management methods are: palm down, tiger’s mouth open, 4 refers to the straight and close together, bend the thumb and 4 refer to the same time, the tea in parts in his hands, and shook the wrist and fingers, making tea in the palm of your hand rotation and make tea out gradually from the hands. Start the process management section placed in the palm of tea mentioned in the rubbing cents, while management side twist, to feel again when the tea leaves into barbed push the speculation to reduce broken off, to ensure quality. Fry Liu Qicheng dry, when exposed to clean wok share Pekoe cool softened.
Baking: The spread evenly spread cool leaves the cage in the baking oven, the temperature controlled at 60 ~ 80 ℃, in the baking process for 3 to 4 times turning the fresh and dried to dry enough to pick except tea stems, toss to pornographic films, screening to the tea powder, after cooling packing storage.