Yingde black tea

Yingde black tea
Yingde black tea

Yingde black tea(英德红茶) is history famous tea of Guangdong. Quality characteristics of Yingde black tea:
Shape: round and tight, gold tips
Color: black bloom
Soup color: red brilliant
Aroma: fresh and mellow, floral obvious
Taste: heavy and thick, sweet
Infused leaves: soft and red bright

Yingde black tea was created in 1959. Yingde black tea produced in Yingde of Guangdong Province. Tea garden was built in the open terrain of hills and gentle slopes on a subtropical monsoon climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing.
Varieties of Yingde black tea is mainly Yunnan big leaf types, with Phoenix Narcissus, the quality of the Yingde black tea with a good foundation. Yingde black tea products are divided into leaf tea, broken tea, film tea, and powder tea. Yingde black tea has withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, multi-channel selection and other refining processes. Yingde black tea by the study, 4.12% contains caffeine, amino acids 1.8%, 21% tea polyphenols, theaflavins 0.8 ~ 1.2%, thearubigins 8 to 12%, water extract 38.16%, reached the international advanced level of quality black tea.