Yongchun foshou tea

Yongchun foshou tea
Yongchun foshou tea

Yongchun foshou tea (永春佛手) is oolong tea, also called Yongchun Buddha’s-hand tea, specialty tea of China’s Fujian province. Quality characteristics of Yongchun foshou tea:
Shape: tightly, fat
Color: sand green and black bloom
Soup color: orange yellow and clear
Aroma: strong and sharp
Taste: mellow and thick
Tea leafs: yellow green and bright

Yongchun foshou tea, also known as citron species, snow pear, because the shape of Buddha’s-hand, precious win gold, also known as “Golden Buddha’s hand”, is mainly produced in Fujian Yongchun Sukeng, Yu Gui-yang, fighting and towns elevation 600-900 m high mountain of Yongchun Country, Fujian province. Yongchun foshou tea pickking standard is a bud and two leaves or three leaves. Production processing of Yongchun foshou tea is the same as oolong tea, include: Spreading, fixing, rolling, drying, baking, picking and other processes.

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