Yongxi Huoqing tea

Yongxi Huoqing tea
Yongxi Huoqing tea

Yongxi Huoqing tea(涌溪火青茶) is green tea, specialty tea of Anhui. Quality characteristics of Yongxi Huoqing tea:
Shape: rounded particles waist, tightly and heavy body
Color: dark green bloom, white tip revealed
Soup color: yellow green, clear and bright
Aroma: lofty, floral
Taste: mellow, sweet and refreshing
Tea leafs: yellow, evenly

Yongxi Huoqing tea produced in Jing County of China’s Anhui Province. Tea area is humid climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Fresh leaves of Yongxi Huoqing tea collected from the variation in the rare white tea varieties – Yongxi willow species of tea. Yongxi Huoqing tea has strict picking standards, as a bud and two leaves, about 3 cm in length, neat uniform. Production processes of Yongxi Huoqing tea include: fixing, rolling, re-rolling, spreading, drying and other processes.

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