Yunlin tea

Yunlin tea
Yunlin tea

Yunlin tea(云林茶) is green tea, specialty tea of Jiangxi. Quality characteristics of Yunlin tea:
Shape: thin tightly
Color: green jade, pekoe revealed
Soup color: green jade and clear
Aroma: gentle flowery flavour, fragrant with orchids
Taste: sweet and mellow, fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: tender green bright

Yunlin tea produced in Yunlinyuan of Jinxi County, Jiangxi. Here the rolling mountains, undulating peaks, bamboo green, misty, beautiful, scenery. Radius of hundreds of years, every mountain has a tea growing. Yunlin tea picks fresh leaves before Ching Ming Festival each year beginning, the standard is a bud and a leaf. Main processes include: fixation, rolling, drying and other processes.

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