Zhenghe Gongfu tea

Zhenghe Gongfu tea
Zhenghe Gongfu tea

Zhenghe Gongfu tea(政和工夫茶) is well-known black tea, specialty tea in Fujian. Quality characteristics of Zhenghe Gongfu tea:
Shape: fat and heavy body
Color: black bloom, gold hair revealed
Soup color: red brilliant
Aroma: fragrance lasting, like violet aroma
Taste: mellow and thick
Infused leaves: fat and red

Zhenghe Gongfu tea produced in Zhenghe and Songxi Country of Fujian. Tea garden has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Varieties of Zhenghe Gongfu tea are divided into large and small tea. Large tea is made using Zhenghe large white bar, more hair, taste heavy and thick, is the top grade of Minhong three Gongfu tea. Small tea is fragrance lasting. Zhenghe Gongfu tea is mainly large tea, body symmetry, tippy , aroma and taste better. Zhenghe Gongfu tea is made by withering, rolling, fermentation, drying and other refining processes.